SUMMER JAM is a 10-dayworkshop meeting of artists and theoreticians, held in ABC Gallery in August every year. The first two editions(2013 and 2015) were organised in collaboration with CSiK Konin, and the organisers and participants focused on the creation of works and organisation of exhibitions, as well as on the preparation of catalogues which summed up the artists’ endeavours.

As of 2015, the SUMMER JAM formula has been extended to include a theoretical aspect and therefore the event has become a sort of symposium. A novel theme is selected for each edition of the event, defining the issues that channel the activities of invited artists and the lectures and debates of specialists/theoreticians of various disciplines. Apart from working on their artistic projects, the participants present a documentation of their earlier actions, in particular those related to the theme of the symposium, which often trigger further discussion.

The meeting, exchange of ideas and collaboration of artists and theoreticians representing a variety of academic and artistic communities are an invaluable asset of the SUMMER JAM. The workshop formula is commonly seen as slightly obsolete and unnecessary now, at a time of fast and easy information flow. Importantly, however, the work of both an artist and a scientist is marked by a high degree of alienation, as it requires long hours of individual concentration within the confines of a studio or library. Contrary to expectations, the academic community, often focusing on teaching and administration, fails to guarantee a lively and free exchange of ideas and experience.

The work completed during each edition of the Summer Jam, the documentation of the meeting in the form of a catalogueand the follow-up exhibitions shown in Poznań (ABC Gallery) and in other exhibition centres (Pressure Tower Gallery in Konin, Gallery of the Faculty of Painting of the Kraków Academy of Fine Arts) are the tangible results of the event.

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