About us

ABC GALLERY was founded in 1992.

We operate in the area of contemporary art.The Gallery’s interests include both contemporary classics (in particular the artists who debuted at the time of the First Modern Art Exhibition in 1948), and the discoveries and accomplishments of young generation authors.Therefore, for a number of years the Gallery’s activities focused on implementing two parallel projects.

Work with artists of the post-war avant-garde resulted in the project known as The Masters of Polish Contemporary Painting, taking place in the period 1996–2005.

The other project, continued to date by ABC Gallery, consists in the promotion of artists of the young generation. Within this series we annually invite a few selected artists, whose work is since regularly presented during shows and in the catalogues published by the Gallery.

In 2011, ABC Gallery moved its premises to 15 Koszalińska St. on Lake Strzeszyńskie in Poznań. The change of location makes it possible to extend the Gallery’s activity by projects such as artist residencies and workshops dedicated to various visual arts (video-art, photography, painting, activities in space) targeting a wide spectrum of creative recipients. The most significant of the new projects, triggered by the change of the Gallery’s location, include the annual Summer Jam – a workshop symposium of authors and theoreticians, and the Visual Park – or a set of sculptures and art objects in public space in the vicinity of the Gallery, supplemented by an education program.

During over two decades of its operation, ABC Gallery has held above 250 solo and collective exhibitions, including thematic ones, on display both on its own premises and in a series of public exhibition institutions across Poland (e.g. National Museums in Poznań, Kraków and Gdańsk, Zachęta National Art Gallery, State Gallery of Art in Sopot, Arsenał Municipal Gallery in Poznań, Krzysztofory Gallery in Kraków, etc.) (exhibitions archive)

In 2002, ABC Gallery ranked second in the national ranking of galleries of Polityka weekly in the Private Galleries category.

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