Mariusz Kruk

June 17, 2019

Mariusz Kruk was born in 1952 in Poznan. In period 1978-1982 he studied painting at The State Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan (at present University Art). He obtained a diploma in 1982. In the period 1983-1994 he was a lecturer of this Academy. In 1983 he established the Koło Klipsa group, and he was a leader of this group to 1987 – then he resigned with common performances. In the period 1995-2002 the artist lived in southern France. Now, he lives and works in Poznan. He is active in painting, drawing, sculpture, objects and installations. He’s also an author of short poetical works, fairy tales and stories.

Selected individual exhibitions:

2022 Mariusz Kruk, Rotunda Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2022 There are two kinds of beauty beauty a) and beauty b), Molski  Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2022 Mariusz Kruk “/ arI sz kRU”, Biała Gallery, Lublin, Poland
2021 Symbiosis of Opposites II, BWA Olsztyn, Polska
2020 Symbiosis of Opposites, MAK Gallery Poznań, Poland
2017 Mariusz Kruk | (vertical), BWA Arsenał Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2014 Mariusz Kruk, “….”, AT Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2012 Mariusz Kruk, Biała Gallery, Lublin, Poland
2004 Masters of polish Contemporary Painting, Mariusz Kruk, ABC Gallery Poznań;  National Museum, Poznań; Zachęta, National Art Gallery, Warsaw; State Art Gallery, Sopot, Poland
2003 Pastels, Naród Sobie Gallery, Teatr Polski, Poznań, Poland
2003 Paintings, ABC Gallery, Poznań, Poland
 1998 Neue Arbeiten, Galerie Kain, Riehen/Bazylea
 1997 Pastels, Grażyny Kulczyk gallery, Górków Palace, Poznań, Poland
1996 Objekte und Installationen, Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum Duisburg
1996 Pastels from the years 1992 – 1996, Galerie Kain, Riehen, Basel
1995 Galerie Gutsch, Berlin, Germany
1994 Galerie Etienne Tilman, Brussels
1993 Objekte und Plastiken, Kunst – Werke, Berlin, Germany
1992 Kunstverein, Arnsberg, Germany
1991 Not Rooms/Disorder, Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland
1990 Autumn Nostalgy, AT Gallery, Poznań, Poland
1989 Potatos, Art Exhibitions Office, Poznań, Poland
1986 Pastels, ‘ Obraz’ Gallery, ‘Słońce’ Centre for Culture, Poznań, Poland
1984 Krzysztofory Gallery, Kraków, Poland
1983 Events, Akumulatory 2 Gallery, Poznań, Poland
1982 Towels, Akumulatory 2 Gallery, Poznań, Poland

Exhibitions with The Koło Klipsa Group:

1995 Generacja Młodej Sztuki, City Gallery Arsenal  , Poznań, Poland
1987 Art Exhibitions Office, Lublin, Poland
1987 II Biennale Of New Art, Zielona Góra, Poland
1986 Wielka 19 Gallery, Poznań, Poland
1986 Figury i przedmioty, Art. Exhibitions Office, branch in Puławach, Poland
1985 Foksal Gallery, Warszawa, Poland

Collective Exhibitions :

2023 Contemporary Polish Abstraction, Molski Gallery and Collection
2023 #POP-UP / PRAGUE ART WEEK 2023, Czech Republic
2023 11th Sacrum Art Triennial Me and You / Me – Ono, Municipal Art Gallery, Częstochowa, Poland
2022 Warsaw Art Fair, Molski Gallery and Collection, Warsaw, Poland
Molski Gallery, Poznan, Poland
2020 Painting about painting, Szewska 16 Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2019 Das Gemalte erkennen, Köln, Germany
2019 KOJARZ KOLAŻ, Biała Gallery, Lublin, Poland
2019 Art is a value, the National Museum in Warsaw, Poland
2017 Wielka 19, SKALA Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2017 Poszukiwania i Reinterpretacje, BWA Piła, Poland
2017 Ten, BWA Olsztyn, Poland
2016 preMeditations – Secret Meanings, Maison 44 Gallery, Basel
2014 Prawdopodobnie Ziemia lubi się kręcić, Galeria Miejska Arsenał, Poznań, Poland 
2012 Rezonans „nad Kaczycami frunie 27 bocianów”, CK Zamek, Poznań, Poland
2010 Difference Beyond Difference, Stary Browar, Słodownia +1,+2 Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2007 Kruk / Sołowiej, City Gallery, Poznań, Poland
2003 Kunstasammlung Johannes Roedeske, Sparkasse Menden, Menden
2000 Verteidigung der Moderne Positionen der Polnischen Kunst Nach 1945,  Museum Würth, Künzelsau
 rung der Natur, Museum Würth, Künzelsau
1996 Mässig und gefrässig, Osterreichisches Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna
Horizons. 14 Polish Contemporary Artists, Sonje Museum of Contemporary  Art, Seul
1995 Hisa v casu, Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana
1994 Cocido y crudo, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid
1994 Desert Storm, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Art Exhibitions Office, Katowice, Poland
1993 De la main á la tûte, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Domaine de Kerguéhennec, France
1992 Space and Person Time, AT Gallery 1982-1992, Art Exhibitions Office, Szczecin, Poland
1991 Magicians and Mystics, Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland
1990 Galeries of the Eighties, Zachęta Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
1989 Metaphysical Visions Middle Europe, Artists Space, New York, USA
1988 And a Sculpture Now, Pavilion SARP, Warsaw, Poland
1987 What is up? Most Recent Art, Dawne Zakłady  Norblina, Chapter of the Museum of Technology, Warsaw, Poland


2003 Kulomiotła, Art & Business Club, Poznań
1999 Mutancie i Miglance, Wydawnictwo Obserwator, Poznań
1997 Barimona, Wydawnictwo Obserwator, Poznań


Natasza Goerke “Fractale”




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