Małgorzata Wielek

June 4, 2019

Małgorzata Wielek-Mandrela

Born Limanowa, Poland, 1976
2002 Diploma of Fine Arts, Cracow, department of painting, promotor prof. Adam Brincken
2006 Doctorate Programme on Academy of Fine Arts (PhD), Cracow.
Subject of doctorate: „Research of heart”
2009 Phd, „Research of the heart”, Pałac Sztuki, Cracow

Collective Exhibitions:
2010 „3 places”, ZPAP gallery, Bielsko Biała, Poland
2010 „Dimensions of freedom ”, Masovian Center Of Contemporary Art Elektrownia, Radom, Poland
2009 7 Warsaws Fairs, Arkady Kubickiego, Warsaw
2009 V Internationale Biennal of Painting and Unique Web EKO – BALT Gdynia, Museum of Gdynia City, Gdynia, Poland
2009 II Inarnationale Biennal Of Picture „Quadro – Art 2009”, ZPAP Gallery„Na Piętrze”, Łódź, Poland
2009 „20 years of Milano Gallery. 60 outstanding artists. Art without limits ”, Milano Gallery, Warsaw
2009 „Borders of identity”, Pałac Sztuki, Cracow, Abbey Brauweiler, Cologne, Germany
2009 „Sammer in the city”,Klima Bocheńska Gllery, Warsaw
2009 „Dimensions of freedom”, Museum Zamek, Łęczyca, Poland
2009 Biennal of Painting Bielska Jesień 2009, Bielska Gallery BWA, Bielsko Biała
2009 „Magical square”, Pryzmat Gallery, Cracow
2008 „Tract intimate ”, City Gallery of Art, Częstochowa, Poland
2008 „Boss and pupils”, Museum, Tarnowskie Góry, Poland
2008 “Beauty”, (honours degree), PWST Gallery, Cracow 2008 “Sacrum Profanum”, Jan Pawel II Cenetr, Cracow
2008 „Magical square”, Solvay gallery, Cracow
2008 „Memories of Tamagotchi Generation”, Klima Bocheńska gallery, Warsaw
2008 Rybie oko, Ustka, Poland
2007 „Young polish artists of galeries P”, Hamburg, Germany
2007 With still life triennale, honours degree, Sieradz, Poland
2006 Zuzanna Mannke gallery, Essen, Germany
2005 Arts festival, Artahead gallery, Basel, Switzerland
2004 NCK gallery, Cracow
2005 Arts festival, Bunkier Sztuki, Cracow
2003 Pryzmat gallery, Cracow
2003 „Promotion 2002”, Grand Prix President of Legnica, Art gallery, Legnica, Poland
2002 Young gallery, Cracow
2002 „Return to source”, Stara Synagoga, Nowy Sącz, Poland
2001 Biuro Adwokatów, Hamburg, Germany
2000 „Exhibition of my studio”, Klub Pod Przewiązką, Cracow

Indyvidual Exhibitions:
2010 „Karajobrazowanie”, Artemis Gallery , Cracow
2009 „Research of the heart”, Milano Gallery, Warsaw
2009 „Research of the heart”, Pałac Sztuki, Cracow 2007 Milano gallery, Warsaw
2007 U Mloka gallery, Olomouc, Czech Republic
2007 Solvay gallery, Cracow
2006 Artemis gallery, Cacow
2006 Flower Power Club, Cracow
2006 CAT, Warsaw
2004 Schody gallery, Warsaw
2002 Re Club, Cracow
1999 Pod Ręką Club, Cracow

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