Adam Molenda

June 15, 2019

Adam Molenda was born in 1964. He started his education  in 1986, at The Institute of Art, Department of Silesian University in Cieszyn (1986-1992). Since 1989 he continued at The Cracow Academy  of Fine Arts. He graduated with recognition in 1993 at  graphic art, Prof. Andrzej Pietsch and painting, Prof. Jerzy Nowosielski studios. Since 1993 he has been working at The Institute of Art in Cieszyn, where he leads a painting workshop. In the period 1999 – 2000 he led the Workshop of Artistic Facts Observe, in which organized two National Artistic Conferences. He’s active in painting, video and theory of art.

Selected individual exhibitions:

2003 I’m counting the days, but there’s no crisis practically, ASP Gallery, Upper Silesian Centre of Culture, Katowice
2001 R6, ABC Gallery, Poznan; “Water and The Sun, multimedia show, Rotunda of St. Nicolas, Cieszyn
2000 Landing II, ABC Gallery, Poznan
2000 Landing I, ASP Gallery, Upper Silesian Centre of Culture, Katowice
1998 Suburbs of reality, Krypta u Pijarów Gallery, Cracow

Selected collective exhibitions:

2001 X Years of ABC Gallery, Arsenal Gallery, Poznan International Symposium Large Size Painting, Castle, Valice (Czech Republic)
1999 Three Maries, ASP Gallery, Katowice; ABC Gallery, Poznan; Rostworowski Gallery, Cracow; Gaude Mater Center, Częstochowa
1996 Cieszyn praesentiert kunst, Kornschuette, Lucerna (Switzerland)

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